For the past 20 years I have studied organisational leadership, and more specifically, how to successfully turn technical specialists into highly effective, top performing managers and leaders.

Through keynote speaking, group sessions and one to one training sessions I have successfully taught over 20,000 aspiring managers across the world, saving businesses thousands of pounds in the process.

I've helped corporate leaders transform their personal and organisation's performance, helping cut out inefficiencies and get managers performing to their full potential. My unique approach to leadership development helps make serious subjects interesting and inspiring, as well as equipping managers with the tools to help staff continually improve.

My talks are engaging, entertaining and full of audience participation to make sure that attendees go away enthusiastic and ready to make positive changes to their working lives.

Why choose me?

  • The results I've helped clients achieve speak for themselves!
  • I've worked across industries such as education, finance, construction and many more
  • I've worked with managers around the world, including the Kingdom of Bahrain, UAE, USA, Germany, France, Malaysia and Australia
  • My focus is on delivering measurable value quickly
  • I have a proven track record of translating leadership principles in to commercially beneficial outcomes
  • I am passionate about sharing research, and transferring knowledge and expertise