Her Majesty's Royal Air Force

RAF Halton’s Leadership Development Division invited Scott to present two Emotional Intelligence master-classes for their military leaders, managers and instructors.

Scott’s two 90-minute keynote presentations explored how to:

  • Balance a traditional 'command and control' management approach with collaborative management.
  • Become a leader or manager that personnel choose to follow rather than feel obligated to follow.
  • Address poor standards and poor performance pro-actively, assertively and collaboratively.
  • Promote more personal ownership of performance and standards.
  • Appreciate the role that neuroscience plays in whether an individual or team performs brilliantly or brutally.
  • Speak your truth to power…and survive! 

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and thank you for your informative, well presented and highly enjoyable presentations on Emotional Intelligence. The topics covered have generated debate on student centric learning and how we, as facilitators and educators, can invest time and energy in delivering self-awareness training to equip and enable our future military leaders.

As a Squadron we pride ourselves on delivering the most up to date information pertaining to leadership and management and we always seek opportunities to enhance the product we deliver. I believe your Emotional Intelligence master-classes have provided my instructors with an insight that will likely change how they approach both their training delivery and interactions in the workplace.

Once again thank you for providing a more detailed insight into Emotional Intelligence."

Squadron Leader

Officer Commanding Airmen’s Command Squadron

Posted by on November 10, 2015