West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Annual Conference

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Annual Conference

WYF&RS invited Scott to present at their annual Young Fire-fighters Conference on the subject of Emotional Intelligence in the learning arena.

Scott’s interactive half-day conference session explored how to:

  •  Apply Emotional Intelligence in a learning environment to boost learning acquisition.
  • Improve self awareness and self management capability to perform at your best.
  • Solve complex problems more quickly and easily with Scott’s ‘Solution-Focused-Thinking’ coaching model.
  • Respond to and address unacceptable learner behaviour with collaborative language patterns.
  • Bounce back from inevitable learning setbacks and get back on track more quickly
  • Move learner focus towards achievement, engagement and enjoyment. 

“Scott Watson was invited to present at our annual Young Fire-fighters Conference on how to use Emotional Intelligence to improve instructor effectiveness to coaching students on our challenging Youth Engagement programmes.

Scott took great care to design his keynote presentation to match our unique requirements.  His 2.5 hour session was highly interactive, informative, entertaining and provided lots of opportunities for delegates to reflect on how they could boost their own effectiveness as an instructor, and pro-actively increase learning opportunities for young people.

It is refreshing to experience a presenter who, alongside delivering a very powerful and relevant message, can also incorporate a healthy dose of good humour, flexibility and meaningful interaction with conference delegates.

I highly recommend Scott Watson as a conference presenter."

Martin Hoole QFSM

Youth Training Team Manager

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Posted by on November 10, 2015